240 Volt Conversion-2016 and newer Volt and Bolt EV charge cable

This is a service that allows your 2016 or newer Chevrolet Volt or Bolt EV to be used with a 240 volt wall outlet, effectively doubling your charge speed.

The unit will retain the ability to use 120 volt, also, with the appropriate adaptor (not supplied).


DEALERS: Have 5 units coverted at once for a HUUUuuuuge savings.


You will need a NEMA L6-20R wall outlet like this one from Home Depot on a 240 volt / 20 amp electrical circuit:






We also have extra cost adaptors for the following:


1) NEMA 14-50 - RV parks with "50 amp" service. In addtion, this plug can be modified to use with with newer post 1996 electric clothes dryer outlets (NEMA 14-30) and ovens and stoves (NEMA 14-60 and NEMA 14-20). This is done by safely removing the neutral pin. Please consult a qualified electrician for more details.


2) NEMA 10-30 - older pre 1996 electric clothes dryers



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240 Volt Conversion-2016 and newer Volt and Bolt EV charge cable

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