Go-Cable™ is THE 100-240v low cost portable charging solution!
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Go-Cable™ is a super light weight portable 100-240 volt charge cable for all J1772 / L2 / Type 1 Electric Vehicles sold worldwide. You can charge your car twice as fast as the stock cable that typically comes with your Electric Vehicle.

Has 25 feet cable (7.5 meters).

Requires a 20 amp or higher electric circuit (minimum) at 100 to 240 volts. Charge your car at 16 amps up to 3.8kW.

Go-Cable comes with a NEMA L6-20 locking plug. In addtion, "Just Plug-N-Play" adaptors are available for:

1) NEMA 10-30 (240 volts / 30 amps with older pre-1996 electric clothes dryers)

2) NEMA 14-50 (240 volts at RV parks with "50 amp service")

3) TT-30 (120 volts at RV parks with "30 amp" service")

4) NEMA 5-20 (120 volt / 20 amp outlet, household, light industrial)

5) NEMA 6-20 (240 volt / 20 amp outlet)

6) Custom adapters can be ordered by request: NEMA L14-20, NEMA L14-30, others

NOTE: the NEMA 14-50 can be easily and safely modified to be used with NEMA 14-20 (rare), NEMA 14-30 (newer post 1996 electric clothes dryers) and NEMA 14-60 (large ovens) by removing the neutral pin.

NOTE: the NEMA 5-20 can be can be converted to NEMA 5-15 common household 120 volt plug with a  screwdriver. DANGER: it is NOT recommended to use a 15 amp plug with Go-Cable, as this can overload the electrical circuit. An exception can be made for the Chevy Volt or Bolt EV, which will automatically reduce power to 8 or 12 amps on 120 volts. Most other cars DO NOT automatically do this.

The Go-Cable™ works with most J1772 Electric Vehicles, including, Audi eTron, Mercedes B-Class ED / B250e, BMW i3, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, Toyota Prius, Smart Electric Drive, Honda Fit, Ford C-Max Energi, Volvo (all), and any other EV sold in North America or Japan.

Go-Cable does not work with the 2012-2014 Toyota Rav4 EV.

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Go-Cable™ is THE 100-240v low cost portable charging solution!

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