JDapter Stub is the Tesla Charging Station Adapter for your EV !!!
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This is an adaptor that allows a Telsa AC powering charging station to recharge a J1772 car, like a Nissan LEAF, BMW i3, Audi eTron, Volvo SUV, GM Spark EV, Volt and Bolt, VW eGolf, etc. 

Only for cars sold in North America and Japan! Not in Europe.

Plug any modern EV in North American or Japan into any Alternating Current (AC) powered Tesla UMC / mobile connector / HPWC / wall connector. There are thousands of these throughout North America and Japan. Alternating Current (AC) is the type of electricity in your house or business.


NOTE 1: JDapter Stub will NOT work with the Tesla Supercharger - Direct Current (DC) charging

NOTE 2: JDapter Stub will NOT work with vehicles with European Mennekes Type 2 inlets

NOTE 3: JDapter Stub will NOT work with Tesla UMC / mobile connector / HPWC / wall connector with European Mennekes Type 2 plugs

NOTE 4: JDapter Stub will NOT work with TESLA Roadster charge stations. JDapter will, however, work with Tesla Roadster using Tesla or aftermarket supplied J1772 adaptor

NOTE 5: DO NOT EXCEED 40 AMPS - It does not matter what amp setting that the charge station is set at (see chart below for MAXIMUM amps by vehicle)

NOTE 6: It is not recommended to use at over 264 volts on most EVs, except the 2012-2014 Toyota RAV4 EV and 2014 and newer Mercedes B-Class ED / B250e

NOTE 7: Some second generation Tesla charge stations may requre up to 30 seconds to begin charging your EV




The MAXIMUM AC power charge amps for these cars:


16 amps or less:


Nissan LEAF (all 2011-2012, 2013 - newer with 3.3kW charger), Chevy Volt, Chevy Spark EV, Toyota Prius Plug-In, Ford C-Max Energy, Ford Fusion Energy, ZERO motorcycle (2015 and newer with J1772), Brammo motorcycle, Smart Electric Drive until 2016, Ford C-Max Energi, Karma Fisker, Mitsubishi iMiev, Cadillac ELR, Porshe Cayenne S-E, Porsche Panamera S-E, Honda Accord Plug-In.


28 amps:


Nissan LEAF (2013 and newer at 28 amps with "6.6" charger)


30 amps:


VW eGolf, Kia Soul EV, BMW i3 and i8, Ford Focus Electric, Fiat 500e, Honda Fit EV, Fiat 500e, Smart (2017 - newer)


32 amps:


Tesla Model 3 with 220 mile EPA range

Chevrolet Bolt EV


40 amps:


Tesla Model 3 with 310 mile EPA range

Tesla Model S (2012-2015)

Mercedes B-Class ED / B250e

Toyota RAV4 EV (2012-2014)




48 amps:


Tesla Model S, model year 2016 and newer

Tesla Model X


70 amps:


Tesla Roadster (requires firmware update to use any charge station over 70 amps)


72 amps:


Tesla Model X and Model S (2016 and newer) with optional 72 amp charger


80 amps:


Tesla Model S with optional "twin chargers" (2012-2015)



If your vehcile did not come with a J1772 / "L1" / "L2" / Type 1 inlet, we can sell you a J1772 inlet for your EV. For the ZERO motorycle, we have adaptors for the ZERO C13 plug, too. 

Tesla AC charger stations have maximum capabilities as follows:

1) Wall Connector (HPWC) - 80 amps max / 208-240 volts only (19.2kW max, adjustable at installation from 12 amps to 80 amps)

2) Mobile Connector (UMC) - 40 amps max / 120-208-240 volts (9.6kW max, adjustable with interchangeable wall plugs from 12 to 40 amps)

Tesla no longer recommends connecting the HPWC "Wall Connector" (Tesla Destination charger) to 277 volts. The latest HPWC install manual for the HPWC do not list 277V as an acceptable voltage. Very few HPWCs were ever installed with 277 volts, except for a few Supercharger sites (because they only had 277/480 available).

Cars like the GM Bolt EV will just refuse to charge if the voltage is out of spec (above 264 volts)

  • Limited One-Year Warranty:
  • Item #: JDPTRSTB

JDapter Stub (Tesla Charge Station Adaptor)

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