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JdeMO is the one and only CHAdeMO fast charging system for your Toyota Rav4 EV, allowing you to charge in 30-45 minutes at over 14,000 CHAdeMO stations worldwide.



1) How fast will the Rav4 EV be able to charge?

Answer: It will charge at up to 380 volts DC at a maximum of 125 amps, or about 45kW. That means that it can charge from 20% to 80% of the battery usable capacity in approximately 30-45 minutes.

2) What kind of chargers can I use?

Answer: You will still be able to use the existing J1772 plug for charging, and additionally will also be able to use any CHAdeMO charge station in the world. This is commonly known as the same quick charger used for the Nissan LEAF, KIA Soul EV or Mitsubishi iMiev and Outlander Plug-In. In addition, Tesla cars can use CHAdeMO with a Tesla supplied adaptor.

You specifically will NOT be able to use the Tesla Supercharger system, nor will it work at CCS Combo1 chargers used by GM Spark EV, Bolt EV, BMW i3 and Volkswagon eGolf.

3) Where are these CHAdeMO chargers located?

Answer: We recommend using www.PlugShare.com or www.chademo.com to find a station.

4) Will JdeMO damage the car in any way?

Answer: No, If operating as designed. But, increasing the charge rate to any battery that has ever been designed in the history of mankind will likely shorten its lifespan.

5) Will it void my warranty?

Answer: It should not void any warranty, however we do not have control of how any auto manufacturer will likely handle a battery warranty claim. In all likelihood, any battery failure would likely be blamed on any product connected to the battery, no matter how unlikely it actually did damage. Therefore, each JdeMO sale will require a "hold harmless" agreement that indemnifies Quick Charge Power LLC from any claim.

6) Will there be a warranty on the JdeMO? 

Answer: All Quick Charge Power products offer a one year limited warranty.

7) Will it be possible to remove JdeMO on a lease return car?

Answer: Yes.

8) Do I need to remove JdeMO to have normal service or maintenance performed?

Answer: Absolutely not. We specifically do not want you handling, modifying, repairing or in any way changing JdeMO except to recharge your Rav4 EV from a CHAdeMO charger. If you need to remove JdeMO for any reason, contact Quick Charge Power for instructions.


9) Can I charge with a CHAdeMO charger and the J1772 plug at the same time?

Answer: No.

10) Can I install JdeMO myself?

Answer: Yes. WARNING: HIGH VOLTAGE CAN KILL. Following all directions, and just know that high voltage probably won't shock you... because it will kill you, and it will hurt the entire time you are dying. 

11) Can my local Toyota dealer install JdeMO?

Answer: Yes, with a properly trained Prius or EV trained technician.

12) How long will it take to install?

Answer: About 4 hours

13) Will JdeMO be able to power my house through the CHAdeMO plug?

Answer: Maybe.


14) I have heard that CHAdeMO in the future will be 100kW capable. Will JdeMO be able to charge at that rate?

Answer: No, because in order to get the full 100kW would require a 500 volt battery. Like most modern electric vehicles, the Rav4 EV uses an under 400 volt battery, therefore the maximum charge rate might be up to 200 amps for a short period of time at the lowest battery State Of Charge (SOC). The maximum likely charge power might be 200 amps multiplied by 350 volts, or about 70kW. Currently, JdeMO is restricted to 125 amps / 45kW.

15) Where is JdeMO be mounted? 

Answer: It fits entirely under the hood. To charge, you will open the hood and plug in the CHAdeMO plug.


16) Can I move the inlet?


Answer: You can move it ANY place you like. All you need is a LOT of time, money, plus however many feet of 2 gauge and 18 gauge wire you need. There are 2 conductors at 2 gauge, and 11 conductors at 18 gauge.

  • Limited One-Year Warranty:
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JdeMO for 2012-2014 Toyota RAV4 EV

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