Tesla 80 amp charge cable and plug - 23 ft (7m) - 2nd Gen HPWC
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This is a replacement 23 ft (7m) cable *and* Tesla plug assembly for the Tesla 2nd GEN "Wall Connector" (HPWC). It can only used with Tesla cars in the North America market, as well as Japan, or with JDapter for use with J1772 cars.


This could be used in a 1st GEN HPWC with some minor adjustments. The 2nd GEN unit is externally identified with a relief on the right side to store the plug.


The white plastic connector must be reused from the previous plug assembly (pictured).


Do not use this at 80 amps unless all the building wiring that is powering the HPWC is fully up to safety and electrical code for 80 amps. Do not attempt to install this yourself unless you have proper training in electricity. Possibly property damage, or injury or death could result from mishandling this product.

We recommend a licensed electrician who is familiar with Electric Vehicle charging equipment.

  • Item #: TESLA80ACP

Tesla 80 amp charge cable and plug - 23 ft (7m) - 2nd Gen HPWC

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