Tesla North America and Japan to Europe Type 2 adaptor
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If you have a US / Canada / North America or Japan specification Tesla car in Europe, YOU NEED THIS ADAPTER. 

This adapter has a Tesla plug that is compatible with Tesla cars originally delivered in North America and Japan (except 2008-2011 Roadster) on one end, and on the other end is a Europe style Type 2 connector.

The Tesla plug may be brand new, or slightly used.  This adapter can be used for all Tesla cars originally sold in US / Canada / North America that need to connect to a Type 2 charging station.

Charging with this adapter at Tesla Destination Chargers within Europe may not work, but this adapter will work with public Type 2 stations while in Europe.

Do NOT exceed 32 amps.

Also, because your car won't be able to use the Tesla Superchargers while in Europe, we recommend the Tesla CHAdeMO adaptor (that we "rent to own") for your travels throughout Europe. There are over 9000 CHAdeMO stations throughtout Europe (Aug 2019) that you can find on PlugShare.com. https://www.shop.quickchargepower.com/Rental-CHAdeMO-adapter-for-Tesla-CHAdeMOTesla.htm

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ADAPTER Tesla PLUG North America Japan to EUROPE Type 2

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