J-Wall-40 - the premium 40 amp wall mounted J1772 charge station
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J-Wall-40 - the premium 40 amp capable wall mounted J1772 / L2 charging station based on the 80 amp ccapable Tesla HPWC Wall Connector.

It comes with a 25 foot cable. Compatible with all Tesla HPWC "Second Generation" Wall Connectors as a slave or master with up to three other units (see restrictions below).

The new J-Wall is a hardwired wall mount charging station designed for 208-240 volt power supplies with up to a 50 amp circuit breaker. DO NOT USE WITH A 277 VOLT CIRCUIT. It can be configured to allow circuit breaker settings from 12 amps to 40 amps continous duty loads:

Programmable amps: 12, 16, 24, 32, 40 NOTE: DO NOT EXCEED 40 AMPS

J-Wall provides the absolute fastest way to charge ANY vehicle at home with J1772 when the unit is installed with a 100 amp circuit.

Power sharing feature allows a single circuit breaker to be connected and shared, servicing up to 4 units at the same time. That's right... up to 4 charge stations on one electrical circuit !!!
NOTE: Do not use this 40 amp rated product as a "slave" to an 48 to 80 amp rated Tesla HPWC / Wall Connector. 

Designed for indoor or outdoor installation.

The maximum charge amps for each car:

16 amps or less:
Nissan LEAF (2011-2012), Chevy Volt, Chevy Spark EV, Toyota Prius Plug-In, Ford C-Max Energy, Ford Fusion Energy, ZERO motorcycle (2015 and newer with J1772), Brammo motorcycle, Smart Electric Drive, Ford C-Max Energi, Karma Fisker, Mitsubishi iMiev, Cadillac ELR, Porshe Cayenne S-E, Porsche Panamera S-E, Honda Accord Plug-In.

30 amps:
Nissan LEAF (2013 and newer at 28 amps, howeverLEAF-S remains at 16 amps), VW eGolf, Kia Soul EV, BMW i3 and i8, Ford Focus Electric, Fiat 500e, Honda Fit EV, Fiat 500e.

40 amps:
Tesla Model S (model years 2012-2015), plus the following two Tesla powered cars; Mercedes B-Class ED and 2012-2014 Toyota RAV4 EV

48 amps:
Tesla Model S, (2016 and newer)
Tesla Model X
Tesla Model 3 (probably)

70 amps:
Tesla Roadster (requires adaptor and latest firmware)

72 amps:
Tesla Model X and possibly Model S and Model 3 with optional 72 amp charger (2016 and newer)

80 amps:
Tesla Model S with optional "twin chargers" (2012 - 2015)
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J-Wall-40 - the premium 40 amp wall mounted J1772 charge station

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