50 Amp Pin Set for J1772 Plug
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This is a set of connector pins for the DOSTAR SAE J1772 plug. It includes 5 pins: two power pins, two communication pins, and one ground pin. All pins have the o-rings installed.

This is commonly purchased by those who have lost or damaged the pins that were shipped with a completed plug assembly.

We sell every part for the J1772 plug and socket as an individual part upon request. The pins are the most common request, and thus are listed here on the website for quick purchase.

Note: these have been sold by other suppliers that no longer sell them by the name of TeslaTap - Tesla is the registered trademark of Tesla Inc. and is not affiliated with Quick Charge Power.

  • Item #: JPL5001-set

J1772 Plug - DOSTAR 40 Amp Pin Set - Pins ONLY Tesla

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