Rental - CHAdeMO adapter for Tesla
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RENTAL - This is an adaptor for any Tesla car originally sold in North American or Japan, EXCEPT the Tesla Roadster (model years 2008-2011), which allows Tesla cars to charge with CHAdeMO charge stations worldwide. As of 2019, there are over 25,000 CHAdeMO stations on 5 continents and over 100 countries. Model 3 requires firmware 2019.24.1 or higher. You can find CHAdeMO charge stations with or Most charge stations normally require an app, fob or access card from the applicable charge networks like EVgo, ChargePoint, Greenlots, Electricfy America, Recargo, West Coast Electric Highway (located in the USA states of Oregon and Washington state only).



Rental - CHAdeMO adapter for Tesla vehicles (except 2008-2011 Roadster) in the North America and Japan markets ONLY.


You can plug into any public CHAdeMO DC fast charge station in the world. For USA / Canada / Mexico / Japan based Tesla vehicles ONLY (except 2008-2011 Roadster). Does not work with Tesla cars based in Europe or China with a three phase inlet / receptacle (CCS-Combo2, Type 2, GB/T).

The payment includes the deposit as well as your first week’s rental fee.

  • An additional weekly rental fee will be deducted from your deposit each week until the CHAdeMO adapter is returned or purchased.
  • Once the CHAdeMO adapter is returned in good condition, a refund of any remaining deposit will be processed, less the accumulated rental fees of $39/week.

After your deposit is depleted, the CHAdeMO adapter is yours to keep.


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Rental - CHAdeMO adapter for Tesla

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