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This is a service for customers that already have a Tesla UMC or "Mobile Connector" and would like to extend the length of the charging cable. The extension cable maintains all Tesla / J1772 protocols and passes through all wires, except the charge port door transmitter.

IT DOES NOT ALLOW THE PUSH BUTTON TO OPEN THE CHARGE PORT DOOR. You must push on the vehicle charge port door with your finger, and if the car is unlocked, the door will open (except 2012-2014 Model S). You can also open the charge port door with the Tesla app, or with the key fob.

The "Total Length of Cable" dropdown is a measure of the additional cable to be spliced into your existing UMC, it is not the overall length of your completed UMC.

This service normally takes one to two days after receipt of your UMC.

The price does not include shipping costs for you to mail the UMC to us. The return shipping costs will be added during the checkout process.

Ship your UMC to:

QC Charge

RMA (use your invoce number)

1780 La Costa Meadows Drive

Suite 104

San Marcos, CA 92078


You must include a copy of your paid invoice with your UMC, that inculdes the type of service to be done, with your name, your return shipping address, email, and phone number. 

  • Item #: UMCExt

Service: Tesla UMC cable extension

Price: $149.00
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